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Transplant Talking Blues - Wrecks Bell (top)

Well Tomorrow’s my birthday I’ll be two hundred and three Those transplants keep on a saving meJust to save a li3le bit of money and #meI had a zipper installed on my chestYeah, my old body won’t quitI just recently wore out my 9 th pair of feet I’ve got organs of every sizeI got em tailor made and galvanizedWhen I get a reject, my eye lights upSo, I don’t have to worry about dyin Hell, that ain’t nothin I s#ll got to worry about livin. Well Both my eyes are made to last I got one of em plas#c andone of-em glass I’ve got a rubber nose an aluminum chin My diaphragm is made of #nAnd you hear how loud this song is sungI’m doin it all with a paper lungI got it from my paper boy he died,got beat to a pulpWell I got a new liver got a new spleen got a new kidney it is working real keengot a new heart bea#ng like it shouldDoctor told me now that my face is no goodI’m on a wai#ng list for a new face, it might take awhileI’m gonna have to wait for some really good-looking guy to drive his motorcycle into a train. Backwards!