1. Wolves
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Wolves - Wrecks Bell (top)

I can’t do no#ng I’m geDng oldCan’t sell my music it’s way too slowThe clock just shouted out a #me or twoIt’s painted ladies on the slyOur sanity would pass me by and leave me lying just outsideher door Life is strange in how it does 6yMetal 6akes of history go by Nothing’s fun and all the rhymes are used. So. take your smiles and write them downUse them wisely before the next round of trouble
Leaves you cold and old and mean Save the best for last you know It’s what you’ve got when you get old And the wolves are dead and buried near the door.Life is strange in how it does 6ySome people never <gure out why It’s not how you worship its simply how you are. So lighten up and carry more and the world will meet you at your doorSome with open arms - broken limbsHelp the ones that won’t come back its life’s amazing cul-de-sac The world is round, but the corners are all fullLife is strange in how it does 6yGentle breezes blow us right byThe end is near and you never know it all.