1. Heroin Cave
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Heroin Cave - Wrecks Bell (top)

Life is a gi; can’t believe I threw the package awayI le; it outside in the middle of the yardWhere the rain beat it down and it tore it apart& It blew past the gu3ers of the dirty old streetsthrough the drug laden houses where nobody sleepseveryone counts their blessings but me

Love is a gi; I can’t believe I drank my chances away I was deaf as a mute, blind as a scream As I walked over lovers that clung to my feetThey spun all around me and begged for my breath but liquor was king, and I needed my rest Everybody needs somebody to impress. I Guess.Money is a gi; if you have it its nice if you don’t that’s okI burned and bent it I earned it and spent I threw at shadows with nobody in it I saved it to waste it and had a bunch Dammit But it burned through my packets and straight into the planetbut everyone makes a hundred on that second test Life is a gamble its fragile its weak its along shot to play We’re born in the ring at the devil’s retreatWhere the angels keep score but were forced to competeI took the two deuces that god dealt to meI beat a full house #ll it plead on its kneesEveryone should be as lucky as meDrugs are a scourge They took some of my best friends awayI took them for fun my soul went to sleepThey sunburned my insides and buckled my feet They sped up my heart I stayed up for daysI spent two sweaty years in a heroin caveBut now I just smoke 6owers with Willie