1. Are You Mine
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Are you Mine - Wrecks Bell (top)

Are you mine, can I have your legs? Can I share your yesterdays? Can I live behind your eyes? That’s where lovers stay? In the tears you haven’t cried? Can I have your legs, are you mine? Are you mine, can I have your hands Will they cup and pray for me or strike me down again If I needed you, would they be there in #me Can I have your hands, Are you Mine ChorusI can’t trust myself for these words I sayLove isn’t love un#l you give it awayI can’t trust my mind or the thoughts insideCause when I talk to myself, I lie.Are you mine can I have your eyes?I want to look at me as I receive your perfect prizeI want to feel like thisThill the sun goes dryCan I have your eyes are you mineAre you mine can I have your heart?I’ll use it sparinglyI won’t wear out those loving partsIt will never ba-beat alone it, has a home this #me Can I have your heart Are you mine. Can I have your legs Can I have your hands Can I have your eyes Can I have your heartYou are mine