1. She Said
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She Said - Wrecks Bell

Song called she said. Then I said. Where’ve you been? She said I could not sleep but I’m alright now She didn’t know That I heard the motor stop, I watched the car roll silent in the driveway It’s happened before but She thinks I snore and don’t know it OOOH Then she said How do you feel? Well I lied again I said I was be3er. Then I nearly died, She brushed her teeth But there was s#ll Bourbon on the linger. A friend said he knew.I said me too.Then she said Somethings come up and I cannot go with you this weekend Then her lips went blind And Her pre3y eyes became empty holes I could see inI lay here alone She’s 1 inch away but already gone What the hell is love And why’d the devil put it here to kill me What sick recluse makes human hearts, so; dumb and blind and weak and 6imsy Everything’s gone wrong and my favorite Beatle is s#ll gone