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I wrote this song when a Grandfather clock died at my house in Nashville. “Wrecks Bell”

1. Grandfather Clock Wrecks Bell (top) I’m an old grandfather clock I just sit around and tock everybody passing looks at me. I sit here in the same old place Numbers all about my face Like tossing raindrops in the sea.

AHH But I don’t care bout all this mess. I’ll just keep the #me, you can keep the rest.

If your hands ain’t keepin’ #me They ain’t the same as mine. You’ve got to steal that #me From the rain. You’ve got to store it up inside. Lay back and let it ride On shiny pinwheels for a brain.

Awh but I don’t care about happiness I’ll just keep the #me you keep the rest

I’ve spun out a hundred years They come, and they disappear I can turn the present into the past But when my turn comes around My Bodies broken down I know my #me has come at last I don’t care about loneliness I’ll keep the #me You can keep the rest

AHH I don’t care about all this mess,I’ll just keep the #me, you can keep the rest.